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Air Cargo Charter Solutions
- Chapman Freeborn

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World Renowned Cargo Charter Solutions

Multilingual Charter experts available 24/7/365

Chapman Freeborn delivers reliable and cost-effective cargo charter solutions to a diverse client base of international freight forwarders, logistics providers, shippers, governments, and humanitarian relief organisations.

We specialise in providing tailored charter services for:
– Heavy and outsize pieces
– Oil and gas equipment
– Automotive cargo
– High value commodities
– Aerospace equipment
– Peacekeeping support
– Humanitarian relief cargo
– Airdropping
– Dangerous goods
– Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations

We analyse route, payload and timescale in order to propose the most suitable aircraft for your requirements. We also offer part-charters, backloads and other commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, emergency and project cargo. This, coupled with our volume buying power and relationships, frequently enables us to provide our clients with superbly competitive pricing.

Value-added service
Our cargo team provide clients with in-depth project studies that include a ‘loadability’ assessment. We can also organise cargo inspections at the manufacturer’s facility, and advise on packaging requirements.

Flight support
Our global flight support specialists, Wings 24, (www.wings24.com) are on hand to assist with the securing of all required traffic rights and clearances to expedite your shipments. For flight programmes to difficult and remote regions we can also deploy specialist project managers to oversee operations from the ground. Many of our personnel have obtained the highest level military and government security clearances and possess years of operational experience.

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Time-critical parts and outsize cargo

Our clients in the automotive industry rely on us to deliver their critical parts and vehicles regardless of time scales or complexity of their cargo.

We can offer pre-flight advice on everything from documentation requirements and customs formalities to trucking and warehousing arrangements. We can also arrange airport representation for your charter, so aircraft loading and unloading can be expertly supervised. Furthermore, we often manage specialist equipment, including cranes and custom-built loading structures.

Our capabilities
Some of our most specialist airlifts have involved moving vehicles, engines and urgent parts. We have the expertise to arrange the most suitable aircraft for your requirements, including:
– Vehicle transportation
– Outsize cargo
– Automotive parts shipments
– Just In Time freight
– Passenger charters

Examples of charters

Our team of experts frequently arrange urgent charters for production line spares. A recent example involved the multimodal transport of wiring looms from Ukraine to the UK. Close collaboration between road and air teams and key knowledge of borders and permit procedures ensured no risk to the client.

Another project of note involved moving 111 vehicles from Middle East to Europe including cranes, forklifts, trucks, Bobcats, Caterpillars and tractors. Our experts assessed loadability of the pieces and advised on packaging requirements. We flew the cargo on Antonov AN-124, Ilyushin IL-76 and Boeing B747 aircraft.

We have developed a reputation in moving vehicles for heads of state, governments and sport events. One of our charters utilised two Boeing B747-200F aircraft, to transport 40 Mercedes S350 Sedans and Toyota Land Cruiser-V8 models, as part of the entourage for high-profile overseas guests for a special event in Africa.

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yellow square Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Response

Chapman Freeborn coordinates ad hoc and large-scale humanitarian relief flight operations for the United Nations, governments, international NGOs and other aid providers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to react rapidly to emergency situations – including setting up time-critical flights outside of normal working hours. Furthermore, our unrivalled global coverage allows aid providers to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world.

Nearly every emergency airlift mission in the last 40 plus years has involved Chapman Freeborn chartered aircraft. Major operations have included supporting the response to the Asian Tsunami, earthquakes in Pakistan and Haiti, floods in Burma and humanitarian crises in Darfur and East Africa.

We can create air bridges when needed – setting up a strategic freight hub in the region of crisis and then transporting urgent supplies directly to where they are required. We can arrange helicopters to reach remote mountain villages in the aftermath of an earthquake and drop food and other aid directly into famine areas.

Environmental Disasters
Timely response to major environmental disasters is critical. Chapman Freeborn is the chosen partner of a number of organisations who work to contain the effects of oil spills and control the risk to marine life and coastlines.

We are ready to operate internationally with minimal response time and mitigate the effects of such an incident at the earliest possible opportunity. We also work with ship salvors, offshore operators and other related organisations.

We are a significant supplier to the World Food Programme and have niche expertise in the field of airdropping (utilising aircraft types including the Ilyushin IL-76 and Antonov AN-12). Other charter companies do not have this unique in-house expertise.

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yellow square Rescue Evacuation & Aid Charter Team (REACT)

Chapman Freeborn REACT responds to emergencies worldwide and assists with evacuations, repatriation, search/rescue and aid flights.

We specialise in rapid response, including:
– Humanitarian cargo airlifts
– Search and rescue team flights
– Medical emergency repatriation
– Corporate evacuation charters and repatriation of foreign nationals or refugees

Our expertise in this area is not limited to cargo charters. We also assist in passenger movements, having evacuated NGO personnel and civilians from war zones around the world; provided executive charter services for officials conducting urgent diplomatic tours and fact-finding missions and flown search and rescue (SAR) teams with dogs and specialised equipment into disaster-stricken regions.

We can also supply flight managers and round the-clock support both on the ground and via our London-based flight operations team.

Medical Evacuations
Chapman Freeborn REACT arranges worldwide medevac and time-critical flights for patients, corporations, and insurance providers. Our global network of offices provides immediate access to an extensive range of air ambulance operators worldwide.
Our aim is to ensure patients are provided a first-rate service consistent with our core values of safety, security and discretion.

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yellow square Chapman Freeborn OBC

The Global On Board Courier Specialist

Chapman Freeborn OBC offers door-to-door, hand-carry services for time-critical shipments.

Leading brands and suppliers in the automotive, financial, energy, pharmaceutical, medical and fashion sectors trust Chapman Freeborn on a daily basis with their timecritical spare parts, samples, prototypes and important documents.

Our team manages all the details, from flight bookings to entry requirements and customs regulations, anywhere in the world. We’re available 24/7/365, to provide any assistance you may require, and we provide the maximum level of security for your urgent shipments.

Whether it is one envelope or 30 boxes, the collection and delivery of your goods is carried out by fully trained and dedicated couriers, with reduced border delays and ongoing status reports with immediate notification on delivery.

A swift and secure transport solution
Traditional express service providers transfer your shipment through many hands, often leading to miscommunication, error and loss.
With Chapman Freeborn OBC, your dedicated courier accompanies your shipment from pick up to delivery straight to the recipient. Our fully insured, trained couriers are strategically located throughout the world – many already possessing passports and visas for countries that are traditionally very difficult to access.
What’s more, you can track the progress of your shipment at any time by using our online tracking system.

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yellow square Intradco Global Animal Transport

Equine | Livestock | Exotics

In early 2014, Chapman Freeborn acquired Intradco – the highly respected specialists in the air transportation of animals.

Over the past three decades, Intradco has successfully transported animals all over the world, including:
– Horses
– Cattle
– Pigs
– Dogs
– Elephants
– Llamas/Alpacas
– Ostriches
– Endangered species (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) approved only

Intradco’s reputation for providing secure transportation for horses puts them as the first choice for many leading horse shippers, owners and trainers. They are used to accommodating unusual species for game reserves and animal welfare organisations, where animal well-being during transportation is paramount. Intradco’s experience includes coordinating charters for Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Breeders’ Cup and Dubai World Cup winners, as well as more unusual movements including transporting 247 deer from USA to Russia, and 400 alpacas from Chile to London.

Leasing and rental of stalls
Through continued design innovation, Intradco’s growing range of stalls and penning provides greater flexibility with movable partitions, drop-top and collapsible-top designs and added safety and comfort features for their occupants.
Available for long-term lease or rental, Intradco equipment is compatible with Boeing 747 or 777 freighters, McDonnell Douglas MD-11s, Airbus types and other wide-bodied cargo aircraft, making it a favourite with many of the world’s leading airlines.

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yellow square About Chapman Freeborn

Chapman Freeborn is the world’s leading aircraft charter and aviation support company, with a proven reputation for innovation, expertise and professionalism.

Established in 1973, Chapman Freeborn has four decades of experience providing specialised air charter solutions for outsize and time-critical cargo.

With over 30 locations worldwide, our global coverage is unparalleled. In addition to cargo air charter, our diverse client base includes major corporations, governments, NGOs and relief agencies, as well as high net worth individuals.

Our People Make the Difference
One of our key strengths at Chapman Freeborn is our extraordinary personnel. Each of our global offices includes a team of professional multilingual air charter experts who are contactable 24/7/365 and dedicated to finding the best aircraft charter solutions for our clients.

Award-winning service
Worldwide freight forwarders, logistics providers and airlines voted us Air Cargo Charter Broker of the Year at the ACW World Air Cargo Awards in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. We also won Cargo Charter Broker of the Year 2012 and 2013 at the Air Cargo News Awards.
In February 2014, we were awarded the title of International Charter Broker of the Year at the STAT TIMES awards – an accolade which we also picked up in 2012.

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With more than 30 locations worldwide, our global coverage is unparalleled.

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South Africa

For details please visit www.chapman-freeborn.com

UK Head Office

Tel: +44 (0) 1293 572 872
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