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Global Air Chartering

yellow square HAE GSSA

When working for an airline partner, we at HAE GSSA truly view ourselves as part of the principals business. Whilst embracing your product portfolio and analysing your network, we deploy local market experts who know where business opportunities are and, most importantly, know how to close and secure sales. Everything we do is designed to maximise yield, payload utilisation and long-term revenue streams for you.

At HAE we offer our airline partners a full complement of additional services that are adaptable to your requirements. From a full range of marketing activities, customer and operational services to accounting and finance support, HAE really becomes an integrated partner with your organisation.

Some examples of HAE GSSA Services:

yellow arrow Sales & Marketing

• Local external and internal sales force with an active customer base
• Pricing, yield management and accurate forecasting
• Comprehensive market intelligence and analysis
• Detailed competitor profiling
• Detailed and regular management information feedback
• Regular multimedia client interaction
• Customer events

yellow arrow Operations & Customer Service

• Cargo reservations
• Capacity management and optimisation
• Flight handling and trucking (RFS) supervision
• Skilled, experienced and dedicated cargo operations employees

yellow arrow Finance, Accounting and IT

• IATA CASS membership and processing
• Full accounting, financial administration and credit control
• Latest IT and state-of-the-art booking systems
• Claims handling

Interline Partnership/Agreements

Additionally, by utilising our skills and working within the HAE divisions, HAE can create new business opportunities and revenue streams for our airline partners. HAE deploys a focused strategy of non-conflicting products by introducing interline partnerships giving access to new markets.

yellow square HAE Charter

When it comes to cargo aircraft chartering, HAE has an innovative approach to traditional operations. Whatever your needs, be it full or part charter, HAE Charter has a solution for all of your time-sensitive or outsize cargo. Utilising our comprehensive portfolio of airline contacts and working in partnership with our GSSA division, HAE Charter can source an aircraft based on your requirements, putting together a bespoke package that best fits your needs. HAE has a solution-driven culture that applies throughout all of our specialist divisions charter being no exception. We can proactively respond to all customer requests, even when they exceed what is considered a traditional remit. If needed, HAE Charter can help with door-to-door, airport-to-door (both complete with customs clearance) or simply airport-to-airport shipments just let us know your needs and we can assist.

Some examples of where HAE Charter can help:

• Outsize/Large shipments
• Humanitarian aid agencies/NGO shipments
• Automotive cargo
• On board courier accompanied shipments
• Government & defence
• Combination charters with scheduled services
• Scheduled service diversions and part loads
• ACMI/Lease
• US flag qualification
• Loading licenses and regulatory compliance
• Dedicated charter desk with specially trained staff

yellow square HAE Solutions

Looking for a solution out of the ordinary? Is your routing complex or do you have cargo to a remote destination? Look no further than HAE Solutions!

HAE Solutions is specifically designed to assist with these requirements. HAE Solutions is a bespoke global air network serving in excess of 2000 origins and destinations, allowing you to combine any tailored solution, with a single master airway bill for fast and effective transport.

HAE will be able to provide a solution when the networks of our principal partners are unable to accommodate all destinations on the required route. Our dedicated, well-trained teams will work with you to understand your requirements and provide the best solution for your needs.

How do we do it?

We are HAE Solutions. By working with our multiple divisions, we have complete flexibility to source innovative solutions, and here are just a few ways that we can make it happen for you:

HX an IATA airline solution that allows our teams to put together a route using any number of airlines with just a single master airway bill. A bespoke routing that best fits the requirement for your cargo can then be designed.

Project Solutions The solutions team can do far more than just arrange the routing of your cargo for you. Project Solutions works according to our customers' needs. Whatever your logistical requirement may be we can help.

Some examples of where HAE Solutions can assist:

• Neutral space brokerage and wholesale
• Interline solutions
• Door-to-door products (or any combination)
• Customs bond and compliance
• Dedicated customer service team with specially trained staff
• US flag carrier fulfilment (part 135 carrier)
• Government contracts
• Conflict regions, a specialism
• Livestock/Animals
• On-board courier & escort

yellow square HAE Consultancy

Due to our years of field experience in air cargo and logistics, combined with a deep knowledge across the supply chain, HAE is proud to now be bringing all of this expertise to the industry by offering sales and operations consultancy services.

Whatever your requirement, whether it be project management, project review, mentoring or short-term executive management, HAE Consultancy is here to help.

HAE is different and this difference lies in our approach to consulting. Not only do we evaluate the opportunity or identify strategic goals, providing you a full roadmap to reach your target (key to successful consulting programmes), we also offer our ability to execute any agreed programmes globally.

By implementing the recommendations into your business and taking ownership of the project to its full completion, HAE Consulting provides its customers with peace of mind and confidence.

Examples of areas where HAE Consulting can assist:

• Airline cargo management commercial strategy, operations management
• GSSA RFQ procurement
• GSSA review
• Revenue optimisation
• Analysis of market conditions
• Optimisation of aircraft utilisation
• Route development
• Negotiation of handling contracts
• Review of supplier contracts

yellow square HAE Training

Trading as TSA within and alongside HAE Training and as a group-owned company, this collaborative organisation is a compliance consultancy and training provider with a focus on the aviation industry. TSA/HAE Training offers over 100 courses including City & Guilds, Highfields, Institute of Export, IATA, UK CAA, GCAA, UK Department for Transport and other internationally recognised certified training.

HAE Training/TSA has an extensive portfolio of courses applicable to any professional organisation. Our courses, combined with our consultancy work, can help small and medium-sized companies get started on areas such as health and safety, operations and management, among others. Within the aviation sector, HAE Training/TSA can deliver operational, security and other compliance courses to airports and their suppliers, airlines, ground operators, in-flight caterers, cargo companies, etc.

Additionally, HAE Training can work with you to design bespoke courses, should your organisation have such a requirement. All our courses can be held in-house or at one of our training centres. The quality and format of our courses ensure a high level of training for your teams in an environment that is both educational and enjoyable.

HAE Training/TSA also offers online training both via its website and as a branded portal. Larger organisations can benefit from having a branded portal with an interactive training management system that includes all, or the majority of its training. Our visually sophisticated courses offer a simple solution without compromising quality.

Using our knowledge and experience in aviation, HAE Training is able to offer independent advice either on a project basis or for an ongoing contract.

Some of the areas of compliance covered are:

• Airport planning
• Airport security and operation
• Airline security
• ACC3 validation
• Dangerous goods
• In-flight & airport supplies security
• Cargo facilities planning and development
• Known shippers/consignors, and haulier security compliance
• Regulated agent status and compliance
• Screening equipment selection, supply & training
• Authorised economic operator (AEO)
• Security audits
• Security deficiency recovery
• Health & safety
• Covert testing for airports, cargo companies, in-flights and airport supplies etc.
• Calogi sales and training
• Branded bespoke online training

yellow square HAE Airport & Cargo Handling

HAE Aircraft & Cargo Handling is a regional bespoke service provider, offering exceptional attention to detail across all areas of the ground handling industry. From building aircraft pallets to full ramp services and management, HAE Aircraft & Cargo Handling is very much above industry standard.

The HAE specialist team is fully trained in providing services to all aircraft types from various cargo operations through to VIP handling for heads of state, for example. Full "weight and balance" services are also offered to optimise aircraft performance.

HAE currently offer Aircraft & Cargo Handling at East Midlands Airport and Belfast International Airport.

Some examples of where HAE Aircraft & Cargo Handling can help:

• Supervision of pallet building and break down
• Ramp handling
• Preparation of documents, manifests & airway bills
• Organisation of fuel & maintenance
• Crew coordination, transportation and accommodation
• Carrier EDI entry and management
• ULD management
• Import cargo support & logistics
• Security screening
• Storage & distribution
• De-icing/anti-icing services
• Import/export facilities (ERTS)
• Business Aviation/private jet handling
• Full flight dispatch services


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