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YELLOW ARROW 2nd Med Ports 2014 at Kenzi Farah Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco on Wed 23 and Thurs 24 April 2014
YELLOW ARROW TIACA Annual General Meeting in Istanbul, Ritz Carlton Hotel on April 24th & 25th 2014
YELLOW ARROW EASA & Continuing Airworthiness Seminar, 29 April, Dublin, Ireland
YELLOW ARROW Records' Management - Technology Leaps and Best Practices, 30 April, Dublin, Ireland
YELLOW ARROW CNS Partnership Conference 2014 from May 4-6, 2014 at San Antonio, Texas
YELLOW ARROW 34th Annual New York Airfinance Conference on 22 May 2014 - 23 May 2014 at The Plaza, New York
YELLOW ARROW Air Cargo Handling Conference on 17-19th September 2014, The Sheraton Malpensa Airport Hotel, Milan
YELLOW ARROW Freighters World Conference, Budapest, Hungary on September 21st-23rd 2014
YELLOW ARROW 27th Air Cargo Forum and Exposition in Seoul , South Korea from October 7th-9th 2014

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Dear Air Cargo Professional,

We launched WWW.AIRCARGOPEDIA.COM in 2012 with the goal of becoming the first “Complete Encyclopedia for the Air Cargo Professional & Investor”. We felt the need for a growing air cargo industry to create its own unique body of knowledge; The Dedicated Science of Air Cargo. Since most specialized knowledge is resident with air cargo vendors, our focus has been to partner with them, leveraging their expertise and research to create profitable and sustainable operations.

We intend WWW.AIRCARGOPEDIA.COM to become a global e-platform for the industry, where vendors can showcase their latest offerings for buyers.
We are constantly striving to make this a reality. Please consider this our initial attempt to build the first true e-commerce site for air cargo. As always, our team stands ready to listen to your thoughts and suggestions.

Best Regards
D.J. Ghosh
President & Publisher
”The Complete Encyclopedia for the Air Cargo Professional & Investor”
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Shaking the Skies by Giovanni Bisignani
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Shaking the Skies is one of those rare books that changes the way you think about an industry. The book explains the most critical decade in aviation post 9-11, taking the reader through the most dramatic moments from the man who handled $2.5 trillion, made aviation safer and greener, and introduced with e-ticketing a new way of flying. > read more

QR Pharma and QR Fresh by Qatar Airways Cargo
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QR Pharma is an air freight service for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, offers both active and passive solutions. > read more
The innovative QR fresh solutions maintains all types of perishables at the optimal temperature from arrival at their origin airport through to their final destination, thus preserving their high quality and extending their shelf life. > read more

Europe’s Flexport for Specialized Airfreight
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Liege Airport - the full cargo european gateway for express, perishables, healthcare, living animals and specialized airfreight. > read more

Kale Logistics
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Kale Logistics Solutions Private Limited is a leading IT solution provider focused on the Logistics and Airports industry. Its broad solution spectrum ranges from ‘Community Platform Solutions’ that that help various players in the logistics value chain from shipper to consignee to communicate and transact with each other electronically to 'Enterprise Solutions' that help automate internal operations, accounting and external communications for all supply chain entities. > read more

Charter Specialists for Outsize-Dense Cargo
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Aerospace One Management Company has been best-in-class for charter cargo operations and lease of aircraft for a wide ranging client base including major international airlines, NGOs, multinational corporations, governments, and a host of industries around the globe > read more

Mumbai Airport Cargo Services
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GMAX is India’s First Air Cargo Community System created by MIAL along with its strategic technology partner Kale Logistics.The platform strengthens digital interface between cargo terminal operator and all air cargo stakeholders including customs, customs brokers, airlines, freight forwarders, shippers/consignees and other statutory bodies. > read more

Indian Cargo Handling
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Cargo Service Center India Pvt Ltd (CSC) is a leading Air Cargo Ground Handling Service Provider strategically positioned to play a significant role in the development of air cargo handling sector in India. > read more

Aviation Marketing Specialists
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Airwaves is an easy, inexpensive and efficient way for medium sized business customers to increase their sales through this innovative communication channel with their customers.
> read more



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