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22nd April 2019  

Dear Air Cargo Professional:

It is evident that in a climate of geopolitical uncertainty, the demand for airfreight remains unaffected for project cargo.

On another note, the Government of Russia may propose a tax for foreign aircraft operated in Russia with the exception of aircraft registered in the country.

D.J. Ghosh
President & Publisher
  DJ Ghosh
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Launch of Blockchain in the Air Cargo Industry

Kenneth Pflug, 11 April 2019

The world's first blockchain for the air-cargo industry was launched in March at the 13th International Air Transport Association (IATA) Cargo Symposium in Singapore. Cargo Community Network (CCN), a leading provider of air cargo community systems, together with Microsoft Azure technology, has transformed the way the billing and costing process is handled using blockchain. This new process is designed to minimize billing discrepancies, shorten the wait for post-shipment billing and provide greater visibility and accountability.

Blockchain made its public debut in 2008 as the technology that powers bitcoin. However, it is capable of much more since there is not just one Blockchain. Blockchain would reduce inefficiencies and costs, eliminate most paperwork and errors which can slow down a shipment. Blockchain uses a distributed ledger format which can record and track anything of value from the movement of air cargo shipments to vital information such as weather and temperature deviation of medical supplies. Blockchain is an unforgettable ledger since all transactions become permanent digital records capable of storing the history of data, contracts, delays of shipments, etc. which are visible to everyone. A vast network of computers collaborate and verify transactions by consensus through the development of complex mathematical algorithms. Payment and settlement is considered the same activity since there is only one position on the ledger that is changed.

Although Blockchain is an open global platform it can be restricted to specific stakeholders and selectively reveal information in completing transactions creating both public and private ledgers. This removes the need for third party intermediaries which creates a highly efficient and less costly way to conduct transactions. It also eliminates the need for trust among companies by establishing a self-sovereign identity system.

By allowing digital information to be distributed in a ledger format, Blockchain technology represents the second era of the Internet. The air cargo industry could greatly benefit from Blockchain as a tool for saving money and enhancing the supply chain. It would create a future in the air cargo industry that is faster, fairer and more distributed than today and change the way those in the air cargo industry interact with one another.

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Antonov celebrates 30 years of innovation

London, UK, Wednesday 10th April, 2019

Record-breaking ANTONOV Airlines has turned 30 and celebrates aviation milestones as the company looks forward to future endeavours in the dynamic breakbulk and air cargo market.

The airline was founded in 1989 and has since pioneered the air transportation of outsize and heavy cargo across the globe, holding the record for heaviest single piece of cargo transported by air, among others.

“As we look back on thirty years of ANTONOV Airlines, and the projects that we have completed, we see one of our strengths is the flexibility of our business to adapt to changing markets,” said Graham Witton, Managing Director, ANTONOV Airlines.


“We are transporting more outsize cargo than ever before, anything from wind turbine components to city centre trams, and practically anything in between.

“We are also moving further into the aerospace industry as digital communications become more integral in the global economy.”

ANTONOV Airlines is the international air transportation division of the world-famous aircraft design bureau, Antonov Company, which provides the engineering and technology behind ANTONOV Airlines’ fleet.

On 11 August 2009, the ANTONOV Airlines An-225 ‘Mriya’, the world’s largest aircraft, transported a generator with a total payload of 187.6 tonnes from Frankfurt, Germany to Yerevan, Armenia, breaking the record for heaviest single piece of air cargo ever transported.

“When the business first started, many items such as satellite containers, generators and transformers were too big or too heavy to fly on conventional freighters,” said Paul Furlonger, Director, ANTONOV Airlines, who has been with Antonov Airlines since those first days in 1989.

“ANTONOV Airlines, as the first commercial operator of the An-124-100, had to quickly pioneer methods of loading using great creativity and flexibility.

“At the beginning, we were doing things for the first time, almost every time, and over the years, after many thousands of flights, our processes have become more refined and our expertise enhanced so that we now undertake ever more challenging and complex projects with absolute confidence,” added Furlonger.

ANTONOV Airlines will be participating at the Breakbulk Europe exhibition in Bremen from 21st to 23rd May 2019 as well as Air Cargo Europe in Munich two weeks later.

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Gerry’s dnata demonstrates high safety standards; becomes first ground services provider to achieve ISAGO Registration in Pakistan

Karachi, 11 April 2019

Gerry’s dnata, the leading ground services provider in Pakistan, has marked an important milestone in its ongoing commitment to safety and security. The company has achieved IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Registration in Pakistan, and obtained ISAGO Station Accreditation at Karachi International Airport following successful completion of ISAGO audits. Gerry’s dnata is the first ground services provider to be awarded the prestigious safety certification in Pakistan.

“We are proud to be awarded IATA’s prestigious ISAGO Registration in Pakistan,” said Syed Haris Raza, Vice President of Gerry's dnata. “As one of our core values, safety is integrated in all aspects of our operational, training and people management processes. We constantly monitor and measure our safety performance and engage our colleagues at all levels of the organization in continuous improvement. The achievement of the ISAGO Registration demonstrates our commitment and ability to meet the highest industry standards.”


Gerry’s Group and dnata, one of the world’s largest air services providers, joined hands in 1993 to provide ground handling services at Karachi Airport. Since then, the joint venture has continually expanded its operations in the country and today serves 11 airline customers at seven Pakistani airports. Gerry’s dnata’s 2,500 dedicated employees assist over 4.5 million passengers and handle 130,000 tons of cargo annually.

ISAGO is an industry global standard for the oversight and audit of ground service providers. It is complementary to the internationally recognized and accepted IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an air operator. The implementation of the ISAGO aims to address the safety risks and incident costs of ground operations.

ISAGO is conducted in a standardized and consistent manner using internationally recognized standards and requires conformance with the applicable ISAGO Standards and Recommended Practices at both the corporate and station levels.

TIFFA EDI Services, Thailand achieves over 220 times growth in EDI transactions with Kale Logistics Solutions' PING services

Mumbai, March 27, 2019

Thailand International Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA EDI Services) recently crossed a major milestone of achieving over 220 times growth in volume of EDI transactions handled since the implementation of Kale Logistics Solutions’ PING services on their ezyCompliance platform in 2014. Several other performance parameters such as savings of up to 80% on each on ENS / AMS filings and an increase of about eight times in MAWB filings were other significant accomplishments by TIFFA EDI Services.

e-Freight is an IATA initiative aimed at removing paper documents from the supply chain and replacing the same with digital information exchange. It is an initiative developed with regional stakeholder representatives to eliminate paper Air Waybill (AWB) and replace it with electronic data interchange (EDI) message formats. The eFreight initiative is being implemented across several countries including Thailand. An AWB is a critical air cargo document that constitutes the contract of carriage between the ‘Shipper / forwarder’ and the ‘Carrier/Airline’. An e-AWB (Electronic Air Waybill) significantly simplifies the air-freight supply chain movement by removing paper air waybill. The initial focus has been on attaining 100% e-AWB worldwide.

As Thailand is a key country in terms of AWB volume (and hence an e-AWB potential market), the focus for TIFFA EDI Services first has been to implement e-AWB and later expand the technology adoption to include e- Freight compliance. Thailand air cargo community has had the opportunity to lead the e-Freight compliance movement in the region with prominent industry bodies like Thailand International Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA EDI Services) driving the technology adoption.

Speaking about the collaboration, Amar More, Director, Kale Logistics Solutions, said, “It has been our pleasure and privilege to partner up with TIFFA EDI Services in their pathbreaking journey towards achieving this significant growth milestone. As a company, Kale Logistics Solutions is committed to empower and integrate all stakeholders of the logistics value chain to enable, accelerate and facilitate global trade. We are glad that we could provide the necessary technological innovation and support to TIFFA EDI Services for their growth story. PING services has capability to push the global e-AWB adoption globally and we strive to work towards creating digital air freight communities worldwide using such innovations”.

Speaking about the achievement, Anusorn Lovichit, Managing Director, TIFFA EDI Services, said, “The PING or Bureau Service has proven to be as effective as expected in ramping new customers to be onboard quickly for us, conveniently and inexpensively. There has been an increase in the number of customers handled on this platform by eighteen times in between 2014 and 2018. We are confident that this platform will further facilitate trade in addition to Thailand’s National Single Window for electronic transactions which is emerging as a key requirement for global trade.”


The Arsenal Showaround: Players get a taste of Dubai with Emirates

Dubai, UAE – 24 March 2019

Arsenal first team players Mesut Ozil, Bernd Leno, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Shkodran Mustafi were treated to a tour of Dubai, visiting the city’s latest attractions and legendary landmarks, and taking in the striking architecture and impressive skyline. The players were picked up on a hop on hop off City Sightseeing bus, making their first stop at the Dubai Frame. The players toured the spectacular structure, which boasts panoramic views of both old and new Dubai at 150 metres high.


The players stepped onto the glass bridge in the transparent viewing deck, and even showed off their fancy footwork to the delight and amazement of the other visitors at the Dubai Frame. Dubai’s latest architectural landmark is a giant rectangular frame situated in a unique location that offers views via its 93 metre bridge observatory. The players then continued to Burj Khalifa, and also passed the Dubai Canal during their sightseeing tour.

Arsenal is set to play a friendly match with Al Nasr Sports Club at Al Maktoum Stadium on 26 March. The players are also taking part in warm weather training sessions, to prepare for the final weeks of the 2018/19 football season. Last week, the players arrived on a specially-branded Emirates A380 Arsenal aircraft, and the airline is supporting the visit by connecting football enthusiasts in the UAE with one of the game’s most iconic clubs.

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