Aircargopedia Newsblast: February 2019!
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18th February 2019  

Dear Air Cargo Professional:

It is interesting to note from the recent issue of Airlines magazine that Aeroflot once operated the worlds largest fleet as the only supplier of air transport to the USSR.

Fast forward , there are now numerous air carriers that have sprouted across the continent.

Meanwhile, India remains on track to become the third largest market in the world.

Technology continues to be a differentiator in the modern market. According to Robin Hayes of Jet Blue, disruption is in their DNA.
  DJ Ghosh

A big pat on the back to Hactl which continues to be one of the best handling agents in Asia network.

On another note, the ongoing trade war is clouding the freight outlook for 2019. Add to this increased infrastructure cost and Brexit.

D.J. Ghosh
President & Publisher
”The Complete Encyclopedia for the Air Cargo Professional & Investor”


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Spreading Love and Supporting Livelihoods: Emirates SkyCargo gears up for Valentine’s Day

Dubai, UAE, 11 February 2019

Every year, millions of roses are gifted worldwide on Valentine’s Day resulting in a spike in demand for flowers in early February. To meet this requirement, major flower producing nations around the world including Kenya and Ecuador harvest and air-freight additional quantities of roses to important global centres of flower distribution such as the Aalsmeer market in the Netherlands and directly to customers around the world.

Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, operates daily scheduled freighter flights to Nairobi and four weekly freighters to Quito around the year to uplift flowers that are then flown to destinations across its network.

Emirates SkyCargo

Additional capacity

However, in order to meet the additional demand for transporting flowers during this season, Emirates SkyCargo will be operating a total of nine freighter flights dedicated for flowers over and above scheduled operations. With each of Emirates SkyCargo’s Boeing 777 freighter aircraft being capable of transporting up to 100 tonnes of cargo, this translates into the carrier flying close to 900 tonnes of roses over and above the around 4000 tonnes transported monthly.

Emirates SkyCargo has also notched a number of historic firsts this year. The air cargo carrier operated its first direct freighter flight carrying flowers from Nairobi directly to Sydney and from Quito directly to Los Angeles. This is in keeping with the trend where flower farms supply directly to end customers in global markets in addition to supplying to the flower auction houses.

Keeping flowers fresh

The journey of flower exports begins on a farm where they are harvested by hand. The freshly harvested flowers are then sorted, arranged in bouquets and hand packed into boxes, which are then loaded on the aircraft. In order to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life, the flowers are maintained between 2 and 5 degrees centigrade.

Emirates SkyCargo has designed a specialised three-tiered portfolio of solutions - Emirates Fresh, Emirates Fresh Active and Emirates Fresh Breathe - for air-freighting different kinds of perishable cargo including food items and flowers. Emirates Fresh Breathe provides ventilated cool chain solutions for fresh cut flowers.

Supporting livelihoods

Over 100,000 people in Ecuador and an estimated 500,000 people in Kenya depend on the floriculture industry for their income and livelihoods. By helping exporters of flowers and other perishables reach customers in global markets, Emirates SkyCargo helps make an important economic contribution to the local economies.

In 2018, Emirates SkyCargo transported over 50,000 tonnes of flowers across the world. A majority of the flowers, over 27,000 tonnes, originated in Kenya. This is estimated to be around 15% of the overall flower exports from the nation. In January 2019, the carrier uplifted over 2,200 tonnes of flowers from Nairobi. During the same time, Emirates SkyCargo flew over 1,200 tonnes of flowers from Ecuador to Amsterdam. Emirates SkyCargo also transports flowers in the belly hold of its passenger aircraft from other markets such as India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

Emirates SkyCargo operates a modern all wide body fleet of over 270 aircraft. Emirates SkyCargo’s fleet of Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 aircraft offer a cargo capacity of over 100 tonnes per flight. In 2018, the air cargo carrier moved closed to 2.6 million tonnes of cargo.

Air Cargo Africa 2019

The ‘Forem’ and Liege Airport taking training to new heights

February 5, 2019

As part of the airport’s continuing development, Liege Airport and the ‘Forem’ have joined forces in response to the personnel needs of handling companies: specific training courses have been organised to support the creation of 430 jobs.

Goods handlers LACHS, Aviapartner and Swissport are expanding and are recruiting a range of positions. To support and assist this growth, Liege Airport and the ‘Forem’, in a joint Task Force, are organising training courses in response to their human resources needs. As a result, 430 local job seekers will have the opportunity of finding employment.

At this point, 3 jobs are involved:
• Ramp Agent
• Cargo Warehouse Agent
• Cargo Office Employee

The first courses will train Cargo Warehouse Agents. This 8-week training course at the ‘Centre de compétence Forem Logistique Liège’ (Skills Centre Forem Logistics Liege), will conclude with a 4-week work placement with LACHS, Aviapartner or Swissport, who are all actively involved. Once training is complete, the trainee will leave with a full fork-lift operator qualification and with the skills and knowledge necessary for employment. Every 5 weeks, a group of 12 candidates will embark on a training course to fulfil the significant requirement of the airport for qualified personnel.

In addition to these specific Task Force training courses, and to continue fulfilling the needs of other companies, the ‘Forem’ is committed to:

- Providing an airport specialisation moduule to job seekers who already have skills or completed training in these jobs
- Adapting existing training courses at thhe ‘Centre de compétence Forem Logistique Liège’ by incorporating an airport specialisation module
- Offering a personalised approach for eacch company or group of companies in the form of integrated packages: advice, assistance in employment and training, PFI (professional training plan), customised training, or preselection

Marie-Kristine Vanbockestal, General Director of the ‘Forem’ feels that: “The entire airport is like an economic lung breathing its dynamism into the Liege region. More than 4,500 direct jobs have been created there and every day, new workers are joining the “Liege Airport community”. The involvement of the ‘Forem’ is not a recent event. For more than 20 years now, the ‘Forem’ has played its part in welcoming foreign investors by promoting the local workforce and supporting the growth of companies at the airport by offering integrated services: recruitment, advice on employment and training grants as well as organising customised training courses which lead to qualifications”.

For Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport, the growth of the airport has to involve all players: “The mission for Liege Airport is to encourage economic activity and we are clearly changing our scope. Due to both the growth of our existing operators and the arrival of new companies and enterprises, there is an ever-increasing demand for specific roles. Jointly with the ‘Forem’, we are committed to assisting all companies working on the airport site. These 3 training courses are just the beginning of a long-term partnership.”

If the priority has been given to handlers, there are plans to meet with airlines, forwarding agents and others to identify needs and to develop relevant training schemes.

Let’s leave the last word to Pierre-Yves Jeholet, Vice-President of the Walloon Government and Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Research, Innovation, Digital Technology, Employment and Training: “I am delighted to see that Liege Airport is organising a customised training programme in partnership with the ‘Forem’, in response to the needs of the various cargo handling companies working here in terms of their workforce. Too many companies in Wallonia today are hampered in their development due to a lack of trained personnel, while at the same time many people are seeking work. It is in response to this paradox and with the aim of encouraging companies to become involved in training programmes that I have therefore taken a series of measures to combat these shortfalls.”

So, calling everyone – men and women! – in good physical shape and who would like to work within the airport environment. A basic knowledge of logistics and IT would be an advantage. For more information call the ‘Forem’ green number: 0800 93 947.

World Cargo Symposium 2019

International consulting support: UNEX Management Consulting Group presented as new BARIG Business Partner

Expansion of business partnerships in the consulting sector

Frankfurt, 29th of January 2019.

The Board of Airline Representatives e.V. (BARIG), the association representing the mutual interests of over 120 German and international airlines operating in Germany, expands its range of Business Partners by adding the UNEX Management Consulting Group. The consultancy’s portfolio also includes the unit UNEX Travel & Transport. “UNEX Management Consulting Group offers extensive consulting services in passenger air traffic, air cargo, airports, railway, car rental and cruises in more than 40 countries,” BARIG Secretary General Michael Hoppe states. “I am therefore pleased to welcome the UNEX group as new BARIG Business Partner.”

Besides strategical advice, UNEX Management Consulting Group also offers consulting regarding processes and operations to diverse industry branches and supports companies in strengthening their competitive position. For example, the consultancy employs international managers with leadership experience from the field of Travel & Transport.

Benno Daegling, managing partner at UNEX comments, “We are active in air traffic topics since 1999. The age of digitalization and changing customer demands open new opportunities also for the travel industry and the world of transport. For this reason, we are looking forward to the cooperation and exchange with airline representatives on the basis of our BARIG business partnership.”

Barig: Commitment for an attractive air traffic location Germany.
The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), on behalf of its more than 120 member airlines, is committed to stable and reliable air traffic in Germany. For example, BARIG is supporting demand-oriented modernization and extensions of airport infrastructure in Germany. Additionally, BARIG is prompting the Federal Government and its line ministries to promote the European process of implementing the Single European Sky in a more resolute and clear fashion.

Please read more in the new issue of, which you can find attached and which will become available online shortly at

ATSG Subsidiary LGSTX Services Acquires TriFactor Distribution Solutions

WILMINGTON, OH - February 4, 2019

Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATSG) today said its subsidiary, LGSTX Services, Inc. (LGSTX), has acquired TriFactor Distribution Solutions, a privately held material handling systems integrator based in Lakeland, FL.

This acquisition provides a number of strategic benefits combining operational strengths and expanding complementary services between the companies. The services of the combined LGSTX/TriFactor businesses will be marketed nationwide as part of the comprehensive set of ATSG solutions.

Material handling support and engineering design services will be offered from multiple locations, including Wilmington and Lakeland, providing systems integration, custom design, installation and maintenance of supply chain solutions. Customized turnkey offerings include: conveyor systems, warehouse storage systems, order picking systems and warehouse control & management systems.

LGSTX President Gary Stover said, “TriFactor complements our core capabilities. It’s a proven supplier of material handling solutions to respected corporations involved in warehousing, retail distribution and e-commerce operations. TriFactor’s engineers are experts at optimizing product flow in diverse situations, from high-throughput sort facilities to small regional distribution centers. It’s a great addition to our existing material handling capabilities.”

ATSG President and CEO Joe Hete added that based on ATSG’s current estimates and outlook, the TriFactor acquisition is expected to be accretive to ATSG’s earnings starting in 2019.


Vienna International Airport to accelerate growth beyond the limits of its physical infrastructure with Nallian for Air Cargo

Brussels, 23 January 2019
To prepare for growth beyond the limits of its existing hard infrastructure, Vienna International Airport is empowering its cargo community with Nallian’s open data sharing platform and collaborative applications suite. In a first phase, the Vehicle Database application will be used to control access to the now crowded cargo grounds, hence eliminating congestion and improving security. The Statistics app will allow the airport to better analyse and gain more granular insights in their overall cargo streams. In the future, more applications, such as the Slot Booking app, can be added to the Vienna CargoCloud to generate additional benefits along the strategic road VIE is taking.

IT infrastructure as catalyst for growth

Vienna International Airport has a clear vision: to develop a thriving Airport City where all stakeholders operate in the most optimal conditions and create synergies between each other, enabling sustainable growth for all. After the completion of the new dedicated Pharma Handling Center in December 2018, the next projects are already under construction or in the pipe line. As land availability is not endless, however, digital transformation and lean collaborative processes are the way forward to support future growth. With regards to cargo, a first step towards doing more with less is to control access and eliminate congestion at the (fenced off) cargo zone.

Reducing congestion, increasing security
The Vehicle Database application will be integrated with the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system at the access gate. Via an intuitive web interface companies at the cargo zone will be able to pro-actively register vehicles that are to be granted access to the zone. Consignees will be able to request access via the application in view of their pick-ups and deliveries.

This system will not only avoid vehicles are idling on the grounds, it will also improve security and provide better insights in the movements at the cargo area as all traffic is registered. In the future, the application can be integrated with the Slot Booking application, so access can be granted automatically in view of registered time slots.

Better visibility in cargo streams
Another collaborative application on the Vienna CargoCloud is the Statistics app, which will provide the airport with more granular insights in its global cargo streams. Like a periscope it taps into existing data, such as MAWB data, flight times, cargo types etc., empowering the airport to make a more in-depth analysis of their cargo flows and take informed decisions about flight routes to develop, sales and marketing actions to be taken etc.

Says Peter De Leeuw, Head of Landside and Real Estate development and Cargo Development at Vienna International Airport: “We are convinced our way to grow is through digitisation and we have found in Nallian the right partner to support us. We have looked at different platforms and theirs has convinced us with its flexible modular settings and the fact that it offers us a future-proof solution to reach our goals. It integrates seamlessly with our existing systems and allows us to easily add more applications as we move forward – and even to build our own apps upon the platform. Also, we have been impressed by the work they have done with Brussels Airport. We believe we share the same ambition to grow our business through digitisation and we are looking forward to work more closely together and create more synergies in the future.”

Says Nallian’s CEO Jean Verheyen: “We are thrilled to support Vienna International Airport in their ambition to grow through digital transformation. Our Nallian for Air Cargo suite is designed by and for such visionary air cargo professionals, with the objective of optimising real-world situations leveraging existing data and processes. We are looking forward to help them grow through our platform and collaborative applications.”

Qatar Executive Is the First Commercial Operator of the Ultra-Modern Gulfstream G500 Jet Worldwide

DOHA, Qatar 29th January 2019

Qatar Executive is pleased to announce that it is officially the world’s first commercial service operator of the Gulfstream G500 jet, which embarked on its inaugural flight on Monday 14 January.

The private jet charter division of Qatar Airways Group received two brand-new Gulfstream G500 executive jets last month, both of which received Operations Specification approval from Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, entitling them to commercially operate.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “Our new G500 jet will offer a remarkable flying experience to many of our loyal passengers who are already keen on experiencing this ultra-modern jet. With two of these technologically-advanced aircraft in our fleet already, we are excited to be receiving an additional five G500s, to offer our passengers much more of an elite choice and flexibility.”

The G500 jets are one of the fastest and most advanced aircraft types in the Qatar Executive fleet. The state-of-the-art jet sets a new industry benchmark by offering one of the quietest cabins, as well as having the best cabin altitude pressure, allowing for unparalleled passenger comfort.

The G500 is powered by the next generation Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 engines, optimised for high-altitude, fast and long-range jets. In addition to being one of the most efficient jets in the industry, the aircraft’s remarkable range makes it capable of travelling non-stop from Istanbul to Cape Town; Los Angeles to London; and San Francisco to Tokyo.

The cabin contains the most advanced technology including satellite communications, high-speed internet, the Oryx One entertainment system, wireless local area network and Gulfstream’s Cabin Management System, which allows passengers to use their own personal electronic devices to control audio, video, lighting, temperature, window shades and other cabin functions.

The brand-new executive jet was first unveiled by Qatar Executive on the opening day of Farnborough International Airshow 2018.

Qatar Executive currently operates a fleet of 15 state-of-the-art private jets, including five Gulfstream G650ERs, two Gulfstream G500s, three Bombardier Challenger 605s, four Global 5000s and one Global XRS. In 2019, Qatar Executive is set to receive an additional five G500s, as well as one G650ER jet, for which it is the largest commercial operator worldwide. The expanding fleet allows the private jet charter division to serve all crucial markets efficiently and in a way that VVIP customers can enjoy an unparalleled level of service and product from any global destination.

Qatar Airways is one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines, with a modern fleet of more than 200 aircraft flying to business and leisure destinations across six continents.

Qatar Airways was named ‘World’s Best Business Class’ by the 2018 World Airline Awards, managed by international air transport rating organisation Skytrax. It was also named ‘Best Business Class Seat’, ‘Best Airline in the Middle East’ and ‘World’s Best First Class Airline Lounge’.

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