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Precision Aircraft Solutions


yellow square Precision Aircraft Solutions is an international leader in aircraft modification, based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

We earned our stripes as Precision Conversions, converting 757-200 passenger aircraft to freighter and combi configurations for the likes of SF Airlines, DHL, Air China Cargo, and ATI. Today Precision offers even more cutting-edge resources to leverage assets and raise returns. Not only do we source and convert aircraft, we also engineer, integrate, design, certify, and support every repair, change, and innovation desired. From structures to systems, kitting to conversions, inside the plane or out — if it can be done, we can do it.

yellow square WORLD LEADERS
Precision Offers the World’s First-Certified 15-Pallet Winglet-Modified 757-200 Conversion.

• Winglet-Modified Freighter & Combi - Our winglet variant is already in service

• Highest Payload Possible - Now up to 84,000+ lbs. (38.1 tonnes) RR and 82,000 lbs. (37.2 tonnes) PW for maximum revenue impact

• Lowest OEW Anywhere - Leading the industry at 116,000 lbs. on average

• Total Fleet Support - Advanced repair engineering for every need, eliminating OEM support

• Global Conversion Approval - Precision has approval from numerous authorities worldwide

• Boeing Licensee - Precision Conversions, LLC is a Boeing licensee


The 757-200PCF is the first 15-pallet-position converted freighter in the world to receive certification. It has FAA, CAAC, EASA, Canadian, Brazilian, and Russian certifications, including approvals for Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engine variants. In addition, this distinguished aircraft is the world’s first-certified, winglet-compatible 757-200 converted freighter.

• 15 full main deck pallet positions
• Winglet compatible
• Lowest operating empty weight
• Substantial MZFW upgrades
• 7-track Ancra cargo handling system
• Class E cargo compartment
• Hydraulically actuated, self-contained main cargo door
• Jig-built main cargo door and surround structure assemblies
• New crew lavatory installation with overboard service
• Supernumerary seating for two
• Reinforced floor structure
• Rigid 9g barrier
• Main deck cargo configurations available:
   ° 15 – 88 x 125 in. positions
   ° 15 – 88 x 108 in. positions
   ° 13 – 96 x 125 in. positions

precision freighter conversion img precision freighter conversion img2



The Precision Conversions 757-200PCF freighter offers the lowest Basic Empty Weight (BEW) and Lowest Operating Empty Weight (OEW)* of any 757-200 freighter on the market today.

Total In-Service Fleet
Average OEW = Approx. 116,000 lbs. (52,616 kg)
*To obtain OEW: Add 500 lbs. (226 kg) to BEW for crew weight

Adjusted Baseline Empty Weight of
In-Service PW Fleet (BEW) = 115,300 lbs. (52,299 kg)

Adjusted Baseline Weight of
In-Service RR Fleet (BEW) = 115,600 lbs. (52,435 kg)

*Adjusted Baseline Weight does not include crew. Adjusted Baseline Weight represents aircraft variations, such as ETOPS


In early 2013, Precision introduced its combi configuration, the 757-200PCC, which offers 10 full cargo positions and seating for 54 passengers. It is the world’s first-certified 757-200 combi variant with winglets. Business class, coach, and cabin seating options are also available.

Cargo Compartment
• Configurations available:
° 10 – 88 x 125 in. positions
° 10 – 88 x 108 in. positions
° 8 – 96 x 125 in. positions
• 54 passenger seats
• Hydraulically actuated main cargo door
• Rigid 9G barrier with cargo compartment access
• Self-contained flight deck lavatory
• Full 7-track Ancra cargo handling system

Passenger Compartment
• Seating for 54 passengers (Y Class)
• 3 flight attendant seats
• 2 lavatories
• Full galley service area
• 4 exit doors

precision conversion img


Precision Engineering, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Precision Aircraft Solutions, LLC. Precision Engineering offers full-integration engineering services for a variety of aircraft. We provide design, substantiation, certification, fleet support, and technical publications, as well as total logistical management of each client’s manufacturing, assembly, and installation needs.

Engineering Capability Overview
Precision maintains a diverse staff of engineers specializing in the design, substantiation, and certification of aircraft programs. Their collective capabilities and strengths include:
• Design/Modification Engineering
• Liaison/Repair Engineering
• Structural Substantiation and Static Analysis
• Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
• Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
• Loads Database Development
• Certification
• Technical Publications
• AMOC development
• Continued Airworthiness
• Technical Data Management
• Configuration Management
• Major Repair Evaluations and DER Approvals
• Fleet Support
• Passenger to cargo conversions through its affiliate, Precision Conversions, LLC.

Fleet Support
Precision has a comprehensive, cost-effective array of fleet support services for new and existing airlines.
SB Evaluation – We review and make SB incorporation recommendations.
EO/EA Development – Our team creates Engineering Orders (EO) and Engineering Authorizations (EA) in any airline format.
Maintenance Programs – Our engineers develop customized maintenance programs.
Workcard Development – We write and revise workcards to support maintenance programs.
OEM Interface – Precision represents each client on technical matters.
FAA Interface – We assist in garnering FAA approval for new programs and operations.
Operating Manuals – Let us create and revise 14 CFR 91/121 operating manuals.
Records Review – Precision reviews records related to aircraft acquisition and leasing.
Aircraft Evaluation – We will perform onsite reviews and configuration assessments.
Aircraft Bridging – Our team develops total maintenance requirements for transfer between maintenance programs.

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yellow square MANUFACTURING

Precision and its manufacturing support network specialize in the manufacture of complex aircraft components and structure, which make up a final aircraft conversion kit. The complexity of part manufacturing varies from complex to simple, but all manufacturing/assembly processes comply with aircraft industry standards as well as Precision-developed process specifications.

Key Manufacturing Specialties
• Precision has developed more than 60 supplier relationships specializing in the manufacture, assembly, testing, and installation of aircraft components and structure including:
• Complex machining capabilities, including 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC milling for both low- and high-speed applications, as well as conventional machining, CNC turning, and grinding for production runs and prototype needs.
• Chemical milling processes to reduce weight while maintaining structural strength and integrity for complex contour sheet metal parts.
• Composite manufacturing, including reinforced flat panels, bulkheads, ducting, honeycomb panels and related products.
• Electrical wiring and components, including coax cables, trays, lighting, smoke detection, indication systems, and avionic systems/subsystems.
• Safety equipment, including seatbelts, airbags, cargo and barrier nets, sling systems, tie-downs, and cabin interior products.
• Tube bending and sheet-metal fabrication, including stretch, hydro forming, brake forming, shearing, blanking, joggling, bending, flaring, and beading, as well as tube and component pressure testing.
• Manufacturing inspection processes, including state-of-theart CMM and NDT.

yellow square CONTACT

For more information contact us at:

4900 SW Griffith Drive, Suite 133
Beaverton, OR, USA 97005

Phone +1.503.601.3001

Website: precisionaircraft.com

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